As an entrepreneur, CEO or CTO, you are very much aware of the fact that innovation as a valuable asset and you will need capital to boost your innovation. TechFund One is created to support your innovative tech company in its further stage of development.

Criteria & selection

Before entering the selection phase of TechFund One you need to check the basic criteria. If your company matches with these criteria we will need indepth insights in your company, technology and financials.

Based on that information our investment managers will prepare your case for the investment committee you will decide if your case is ready for the next phase, which is a basic due diligence process.


After a successful due dilligence phase the final investment agreement will be offered to your company. TechFund One will provide capital in exchange for a share in your company. Next to that a future exit strategy will be included as part of the agreement.

TechFund One has a life-cycle of 8 years so exit strategies will be based on a 5-7 year period.

Coaching & Scaling

TechFund One will be commited to the success of its ventures.  The investors in the fund bring a wide range of expertise in finance, international growth, business models and technology and are willing to bring this expertise to our ventures by coaching and advice.

Further we will add additional knowledge on financing mix solutions by our founders De Breed & Partners and Investormatch.