Core Life Analytics

The Utrecht, Netherlands-based data analytics company, Core Life Analytics, has closed a €1m Series A financing round. The investor team is composed of BOM Brabant Ventures, Utrecht Holdings and TechFund One.

Core Life Analytics markets the StratoMineR data analytics platform in the life sciences sector. StratoMineR  enables biologists to analyze complex biological datasets without the need for internal data analysis support. The software is being successfully used by scientists at well established companies such as Pfizer, Janssen, and Galapagos.

“Core Life Analytics fits perfectly in our fund and we are glad to provide them, together with the BOM and Utrecht Holdings, the required funding. ” said Peter van Meersbergen of TechFund One. “Their innovative business model and data analytics technology gives new opportunities to life science and pharmaceutical companies to do better and faster analysis of their research data. The current global search for vaccines and therapies for Covid-19 underline how sound this proposition is.”

About Core Life Analytics
Core Life Analytics was co-founded by CEO David Egan and CTO Wienand Omta in 2016 to commercialize the StratoMineR data analytics platform. StratoMineR was originally developed by the co-founders at the Cell Screening Core at the UMC Utrecht’s Department of Cell Biology. The software allows biologists in pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and academia to independently analyze complex data sets.

The software is being successfully used by scientists at companies such as Pfizer, Janssen and Galapagos. Academic clients include the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and the University of Michigan. The software helps to accelerate preclinical drug discovery projects at all stages, including target discovery, lead molecule identification, lead characterization and toxicology. It has recently been used to identify novel inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 infection. For more information, visit